What do you need to know about American football betting?

At the dawn of its development, American football was such a traumatic sport that even deaths on the football field were not uncommon. However, today the rules have changed, and it has become a good, dynamic game with millions of fans.

In this sport, there are 11 attacking and defensive players on the field at the same time. The task of the attack – for 4 attempts to pass 10 yards. If they succeed, they get another 10 yards and so on until they enter the scoring zone. If the team manages to enter the scoring zone, a “touchdown” is declared, and it receives 6 points. If a team stops near the scoring zone, but the defense prevents entry, on the fourth attempt it can score a field goal – a kick to the goal. If hit, the team earns 3 points. If the attacking group fails to cover the required distance in 4 attempts, the attack passes to their opponent.

The peculiarity of American football is that not only attack but also defense can earn points. For example, the interception of the pass can be returned to the scoring zone of the attacking group. The main task of the defense is to prevent the attacking group from passing to the scoring zone, as well as to provoke the loss of the ball and ensure the transition of the attack.

There are a number of American football tournaments in the world, but the most famous are the National Football League of the United States (NFL) and the Student Football League (NCAAF). These tournaments differ significantly due to different classes of opponents.

What kinds of bets are there on American football?

Lines in bookmakers for American football are very different. The schedule of events in Eastern European BC, as a rule, is very scanty. In North American offices, the line can include hundreds of events. The basic rates are as follows:

Result. As a rule, bookmakers accept bets on the victory of the first or second team. A draw in this sport is extremely rare, usually no more than 1-2 draws for the entire season for all 32 teams.

Allowance. The main advantage in bookmakers is on points. In the NFL, the odds vary, as a rule, from 2.5 to 7.5 points. In student football, the handicap can exceed 40.5 points, but in matches close to the level of rivals, it is also close.

Total. It is a very productive game, so the average total in a match of equal opponents here is around 50.5 points plus or minus. The total may vary, depending on the level of attack and defense of the teams.

Among the American bookmakers, the schedule of events is much more extensive. In particular, here you can find rates for various statistics. For instance, the yards that the attack is gaining, the interception, the number of field goals in the match, etc. There are dozens of statistics in American football.

How to analyze matches?

Analytics in American football is quite complex. First of all, this is due to the large number of players. In just one match, the team has 11 attackers, 11 defenders and 11 so-called special groups, for example, to score a field goal or antlers. (Pant is a situation in which the attacking group punches the ball as far as possible so that the opponent starts the attack as close as possible to his scoring zone). However, there are basic principles of betting.

Quarterback. The quarterback is the main attacker who throws passes to the hosts. If a team has a strong quarterback, it is a contender for the championship. However, if suddenly this player is injured and the reserve comes out, the team seriously loses in attacking potential.

The level of attack in general. Even teams with an average quarterback, but a well-organized attack, strong running and receiving, can score a lot of points and be competitive. The quality of the attack must be taken into account when betting on the total.

Level of protection. Teams can create such a dominant defense that they even win the championship by making a large number of touchdowns after losing the ball to an opponent. However, in general, if one of the teams has a strong defense, most likely, its opponent will not be able to score many points.

Personnel situation. American football is a very traumatic sport, and the competition in the teams is often low, because there are not many really talented players every year. Therefore, if one of the teams loses any player, most likely, he will be replaced by a player who is much lower class. Therefore, teams with a large number of injuries become uncompetitive.

Personal meetings. Statistics of personal meetings have a great influence in football. Here are often the winning series of one team over another.

Current form. Teams in this sport often enter the season after a long break (the season lasts only about 5 months), so at the beginning of the season there are often surprises.

In this case, the tournament motivation of teams, as a rule, does not matter. A system is built so that the tournament motivation of the participants is constant. 

What is a good choice for betting?

American football is a good option for betting for people who like to research, think and analyze the situation. Searching for matches and analysis takes a lot of time. However, if you analyze the match correctly, the probability of passing the bet is quite high, because in football there are clear statistical trends.