How to get started with American football betting?

There are main rules applying to all bets on American football. If a football game is cancelled or postponed, all bets become invalid. If a game venue is modified, the stakes already made will remain valid provided that the hosts are officially recognized as hosts. If the hosts become guests and the guests become hosts, the stakes are void.

In the stakes on 2 options, the draw rule applies. Ordinary stakes are refunded, and for express tickets it is considered that such a participant did not take part in the competition. 

All rates are adjusted in conformity with official statistics and results provided by the relevant governing bodies:

Overview of different types of bets

Bets on the course of the game. The following rules apply to stakes in the course of the match. If a handicap bet is available during the game (3-way handicap), then if the game outcome equals this integer, only draw stakes will be resolved.

Prices are generally quoted for the entire American football match, together with extra time. As these are stakes in the course of the match, we reserve the right to close such bets at any time.

Special rates. For seasonal special stakes on the NFL (including on-demand stakes) to remain valid, teams must complete at least 16 regular season American football games.

If an American football game is canceled, all stakes will be refunded, except for those whose outcome has already been determined.

For bets to stand, the relevant players must complete at least one down.

All special bets are ordinary only. However, additional time is taken into account.

  • Total attacking yards of the team – is adjusted subject to the net yards of both squads (including the loss of yards in seconds (sack).
  • Yards of the team / player of passes – adjustment takes place according to the aggregate quantity of yards for which the pass has been made.
  • Team / player’s jogging yards – adjustment is based on the total number of jogging yards (together with negative yards).
  • 4th down is implemented – the option “Yes” means that a new series of 4 downs is received, either by jogging, or by a pass (including a touchdown, if it took place), or an automatic penalty on the 1st down. Goals from the field (regardless of whether they are realized or not) are not taken into account for the realization of the down.

Therefore, to become a successful player, move from simple to difficult, gain experience, analyze your mistakes and successes, and listen to recommendations of experts.